If I delete Snapchat app what happens?

hey so here is snapchat app and sometimes there are some bugs that snapchat app just want to open or it just crashes or it won't update s  you might consider just deleting the app and reinstalling it it can be the option but the question is like what will happen will you lose all your contacts and all of that so let's just go to my snapchat and i will just try to delete the app and log back in to see show you what happens so here's the snapchat i can see like my chats i can see the maps i can see the stories friends i can see spotlight i can see my profile um my friends and all of that my settings but let's just try to delete uh the app so i'll just go to the app library or whatever you can also delete by just holding tapping on the screen so let's just try to delete the app and i'm deleting the snapchat from app library there you go now it's deleted now i don't know like what will happen so let's just reinstall it and the app is 245 megabytes so you need to have that free storage available on your device and let's see if i have anything any info uh deleted or i my messages are deleted and all of that when i was logging out i enabled the features that i can easily log back in without entering password just on my phone so you can opt in or opt out in that feature so just tap log out and yeah let's see if i will still have that or i will need to enter my password sorry it takes some time there were also issues when snapchat wasn't downloading at all from the app store um yeah so now let's try to open it up and then i just need to log in and as you can see my uh like save credentials features uh it's not it's not available anymore so if i deleted the app uh and i had that feature well i can just log in with one tab it's not available anymore i need to remember my username and i need to know my password and there you have it so if i remember my password and my username so i can get my username here under my name that's no issues i have all my friends i have still all my chats and everything works but yes the one difference is that uh if i uh want to log out here i have this option to save login information so that won't work if you delete that other than that um that's that's it everything is available everything works so no worries you can easily try to delete the app but again if you need to remember at least your username or your email with your email you can just get tapping in the gear icon and top right so you need to know some credentials because if you don't remember your username if you don't remember your password you can get into trouble so that's that

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