“If you re-add someone to the group….” BeReal

If you re-add someone to the group chat in the messaging app Beryl, a feature called "BeReal" allows them to see all the messages sent during their time away. This unique feature aims to keep users up to date with the ongoing conversations in the group.

To re-add a member to the group, simply open the Beryl group chat and tap on the three dots icon. From there, select the "Add Members" option. A prompt will appear, informing you that by adding someone back to the group, they will have access to all the messages that were sent during their absence.

Removing someone from the group is just as simple. By following a similar process, select the option to remove a member. Once a user has been removed, it is then possible to add them back to the group.

The BeReal feature in Beryl provides convenience and ensures that no one misses out on important discussions or updates that occurred while they were away from the group. This is particularly useful for members who want to catch up on conversations or stay informed on the latest happenings within the group.

Beryl continues to introduce innovative features that enhance the overall messaging experience. The inclusion of BeReal demonstrates the app's commitment to providing users with seamless communication and staying connected with their peers.

Whether you have a busy schedule or need to temporarily step away from a group chat, Beryl's BeReal feature ensures that you won't miss out on any messages. Give this new group chat feature a try and see how it can improve your messaging experience within Beryl. Stay connected and stay informed with BeReal in Beryl's group chats.

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