If you verify faster with Orb, you will get more Worldcoin

So basically, did you know that the faster you verify with Orb in the WorldCoin app, the more WorldCoin you will get.

If you go to a grand stab in the bottom, you can see that if you verify until a specific date, you will get a specific amount of WorldCoin.

So yeah, if you just do that, then yeah, it can work out for you. But like if you do it later, you will get less WorldCoin and less and less.

So the faster you verify with Orb, the bigger share of WorldCoin you will get. This kind of gamification monetization feature incentivizes users to engage more with the app.

Currently, there are only a few Orb locations around the world, which could pose a challenge for some users looking to take advantage of this feature.

To maximize your WorldCoin earnings, it's crucial to verify with Orb promptly and consistently. By doing so, you can secure a larger portion of WorldCoin rewards compared to those who delay the verification process.

Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to earning more WorldCoin. Get ahead by verifying with Orb efficiently and watch your rewards grow.

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