IHSS EVV app - doesn’t save timesheets…

If you try to use the IHSS EVV mobile app and you encounter so many bugs, you're not alone. The app has received consistently low ratings, with many users complaining that it simply does not work properly. One of the major issues reported is the app's inability to save timesheets. This can be frustrating for users who rely on the app to accurately track their working hours.

In addition to the timesheet problem, there are several other bugs that have been reported. Some users have experienced frequent logouts, requiring them to log back in every time they use the app. Others have complained about issues with the app's location feature, which can affect its ability to accurately track the user's whereabouts.

So, what can you do if you're facing these difficulties? The first option is to wait for an app update. Sometimes, developers release updates that address these issues and offer improved functionality. Keep an eye out for any updates and install them when they become available.

Another option is to seek support from the app's developers. If you're using the iOS version of the app, you can tap on the "App Support" option within the App Store, which will take you to the support center. From there, you can reach out to the support team for assistance with the problems you're experiencing.

It's important to note that technical issues can arise with any app, and developers are constantly working to address them. While it can be frustrating to encounter bugs and glitches, knowing that you're not alone can provide some comfort. Hopefully, the IHSS EVV team will take user feedback into consideration and work diligently to resolve the app's issues in the near future.

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