IHSS EVV app evv006 error…

The IHSS EVV app, also known as the In-Home Supportive Services Electronic Visit Verification app, has been receiving negative feedback from users due to its buggy nature. The low ratings and reviews clearly indicate that users are encountering numerous errors and issues while using the app. If you're one of those experiencing trouble, rest assured that you're not alone.

One of the most common errors reported by users is the EVV006 error code. Many users have expressed frustration with the app, noting that they consistently encounter this error even after logging out and back in. Some users have even resorted to manually tracking their start and end times, as they find it to be a more reliable method.

It's worth mentioning that in California, there is a certain level of obligation to use this app for IHSS services. Unfortunately, with the presence of such a significant bug, along with others that have yet to be addressed, it can be difficult to provide specific advice on making the app work seamlessly.

However, there are a few basic troubleshooting steps you can attempt. Restarting your phone, trying a different Wi-Fi network, or completely closing and reopening the app may help in resolving the issues. It might also be beneficial to wait a few minutes and try again later, as the app might experience an influx of users during peak times.

As for alternative methods of seeking assistance, the app does offer support options. By tapping on the app support button, you will find contact information including a phone number and email address. If you're determined to find a solution or report a bug, reaching out to the support team may provide some guidance.

In conclusion, the IHSS EVV app is currently plagued with numerous bugs and issues, as evidenced by the low ratings and negative reviews from users. While it may be frustrating to deal with the EVV006 error code and other problems, it's recommended to keep an eye out for any future fixes or updates that the app developers may release. In the meantime, you can try the aforementioned troubleshooting steps and reach out to the app support team for further assistance.

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