In which countries BTS Video BeReals are available?

In the world of technology, new updates and features are often rolled out gradually, making them available to users in different countries at different times. This is true for the popular app B-Real, which offers users a unique and immersive experience through BTS videos.

Recently, an update was released for B-Real that introduced a range of exciting new features, including the addition of BTS videos. However, the availability of these videos is still limited to users in certain countries. So, in which countries are these B-Real BTS videos available?

To find out, I logged into my B-Real account using a US phone number. I discovered that if you have the B-Real app and created an account with a US phone number, this latest update should be visible to you. Once you update the app to the latest version, you will be able to enjoy B-Reals and BTS videos without any restrictions.

However, for users in Europe or other countries outside the US, the update may not yet be available. I tried accessing the BTS videos on another account while residing in Europe, but unfortunately, I found that they are not yet accessible. It appears that the availability of B-Real BTS videos is currently limited to users within the United States.

This limitation may come as a disappointment to fans of BTS residing outside the US who were eagerly anticipating the release of these videos. However, it is important to note that technology companies often stagger the availability of features to ensure a smooth rollout and manage server loads.

So, if you are a B-Real user in the United States, you can rejoice in the fact that BTS videos are now at your fingertips. For those in other parts of the world, it may be a matter of patience until the feature becomes available.

As with any technology update, it is always recommended to regularly check for app updates and stay tuned for any announcements from B-Real regarding the expansion of the availability of BTS videos to other countries. In the meantime, users outside the US can still enjoy other exciting features offered by B-Real while eagerly anticipating the arrival of BTS videos in their region.

In conclusion, for now, BTS videos on B-Real are exclusively available to users who have a US account and have updated the app to the latest version. As time goes on, it is likely that B-Real will expand the availability of these videos to users in other countries, providing a more inclusive experience for all fans of BTS.

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