Ink Cards app - how to use? Overview

here's interesting app relevant for holidays called in cards and custom cards so let's just install it and see how it works so this is birthday and thank you cards turn your photos into beautiful cards starting at two dollars we'll print and mail your cards for you hundreds of designs for every occasion customize any card even add a gift card sign your card with the optional gift add a gift card 50 Plus stores in the restaurants like you can get Amazon eBay PayPal whatever a ship a pack of cards to yourself so here you have it and then yeah it just works like this let's let me just figure out so that's that's how it loads okay so it just takes some time so okay so there you have it this is finally loaded so you have gifts candy treats birthday for her for him for baby and kids holiday collection apparel so for example if you're looking for Holiday collection and you want to send this in card uh you can still for example front and back you can add some handwriting Style and then yeah then you can just uh order this card premium matte flap card with envelope uh you can also order um all these cards and then you can deliver it to them so you can deliver card directly to your recipient uh at address set relationship at birthday at another reminder and you can just import your contacts and deliver that or deliver it to me uh so you can also select that so as you can see it's pretty convenient if you want you know like to send a gift card to your friends family relatives it's super equal app actually to easily do this without all the mess around like I need to go to a store I need to buy envelope I need to write a card package go to post office send it all of that it's like it's I think it's just much easier to do it via this app and there are so many cards there are so many templates and you can really make it kind of very nice looking very custom thank you cards love and anniversary card thinking of you encouragement congratulations any occasions travel baby humor uh yeah so something like that uh I'm not sure if this app is working outside of United States I actually not sure I think it's only works in U.S um so that's basically it uh you can also get some photo sources from Facebook Instagram Dropbox Google so you can get that um yeah so that's basically it uh that's the idea I guess uh so yeah you can always reach out for their support um and yeah try out this app hope this is helpful and have fun

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