Instagram “wasn’t notified about this message because they are in a quiet mode” - what does it mean?

what to do if you see this message that in Instagram messages someone wasn't notified about this message because they're in a quiet mode turn on quiet mode so yes this is like a new feature which is just being released these days uh literally today when the video is published around that so yeah one you can enable this quiet mode and then it will be shown on your profile that you are in quiet mode [Music] um then uh you will see that [Music] like all your incoming the amps will be silenced and the the users who are DM in user will receive this automated responses so that's basically that and this update is one of the several changes rolling out today which also include expanded parental control tools and some other recommendations but basically uh yeah so uh that's that's the feature uh so if you're using Instagram a lot during night time you probably you will see this prompt uh uh to to try quiet mode and basically to to avoid a lot of the amps during night period or you can set up specific hours during which you have this quiet mode and it's been rolled out to us UK Ireland Canada Australia New Zealand and some other countries soon so yeah uh hope that is helpful

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