so here's insta work app and yeah it's it's searching in charts right now so this app helps you to find shifts like shift based jobs uh yeah and it's getting more and more popular so kind of imagine something like uber a kind of job so you like if you have like two three five hours spare on a weekend or a weekday you can just find how the hourly geeks at local businesses and this app is currently spreading to more and more cities across u.s so it's getting more popularity more users more businesses so for example you want to earn like you know 200 dollars like do some few gigs uh like spend like few hours and just get some cash uh and do it really flexibly not just depending on you know fixed days so here it's just stuff like an overview and then um [Music] you can just okay so you can just log into your account or you can sign up here is your first name last name so let's just try it out and then phone number so for that just for this app i will show you how to do it so you need to use phone number for for this app um and then uh yep you just need to create an account then you need to [Music] so and there you have it so now your account is created so that's how easy it is um [Music] so then to continue with your account you need to you know add profile photo enter birth date you need to get to recommendations from people requests from contacts get supervisor recommendations from someone co-worker from previous keep kicks and then you can self-identify yourself so and then so that's what you can do and all that kind of strengthens your profile and you can get more geeks so that's basically and then for example you can get shifts like and get like a channel lab or some work in warehouse of course these are not like premium elite jobs here but uh yeah you know uh you can earn a few bucks here and there and earn it flexibly you can you know like working from 6 a.m to 30 p.m from 4 15 to 1 30 you can do like after work so there are positions like this for your bus or cook event server counter cashier line cook so all of that which you can try out and hope this is helpful

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