- app overview

years stocks and finance app so let's just open it up just to have a quick overview I'm a beginner completely new in this section but it's just looking interesting app so here you can see all of these different stocks and like different things you can see just like an overview um and then you can just see all of these charts how it's working you can see days range and then you can see some related news uh Ben you can see some sentiments then you can see some comments so there is some analysis uh and then you can buy or you also can um Sal here but yeah you'll be redirected to the website so uh yeah then you can for example what you want to do then you can just like bookmark and add it to your watch list and then zero news related news then you can just explore it you can see some trending symbols here then you can see some watch list and then there is more uh so this is where you can select your account so I just created an account with Apple ID or you can do it with Facebook or Google super easy to to do then you have your cryptocurrency settings uh like uh trending stocks yeah you can just browse around this app for a while and just see a lot of things here uh then you can just see some settings yeah if you want to delete an account you can just do it from here you can also log out you can invite friends here you can join beta testing so anyhow just interesting app which you can use in your tools set of of investing apps so give it a try

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