- Stocks & Finance - app overview

here's interesting app called stocks and finance so let's just explore this app uh it's this app offers set of financial tools covering a wide variety of global and local financial instruments a One-Stop shop for Traders and investors here you can serial time data you can see economic calendar personalized portfolio alerts news and Analysis Financial tools and all of that so uh yeah follow Global News see some charts quotes there are some like earning reports and create a portfolio at the watch list and then you can just open it up so to create an account just proceed with apple Google Facebook whatever you're using and then you just need to create an account and then yep you can just get started and to create an account here you want to trade or you want to track or just want to follow market trends and then yeah here you have it this is what you can see in the in the app you can see the market like how it's performing so you can see like silver for example then you can just start trading and then you're just being redirected to to the their website uh uh then you can see some news then you can just explore watch list if you created an account I guess you can just add stuff to your watch list and yeah the answer is your account so something like that hope is helpful

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