“Invite code has expired” in TestFlight app - what to do

An annoying bug has been reported by users of the TestFlight app – the "Invite code has expired" message. The issue seems to stem from using an email address different from the one linked to the Apple ID on the tester's device. However, a solution has been found. When testers are invited using the email address associated with their Apple ID, rather than a different one, the app can be successfully installed.

Further information reveals that using the same email address as the one connected to the tester's Apple ID is crucial in avoiding the expiration of the invite code. This detail plays a significant role in ensuring the seamless installation of the app.

Moreover, some users have expressed encountering additional bugs related to Apple IDs. For instance, if one switches between Apple IDs on their device and within the TestFlight app, issues may arise. It appears that using the initial Apple ID associated with the device is essential for the TestFlight app to function properly in such cases.

The presence of these bugs has been highlighted by users who have shared their experiences and frustrations. The continuity of these issues over time has made them more pressing for those utilizing the TestFlight app. If you have encountered similar problems or have alternative solutions to propose, your input is valuable and encouraged. Let's work together to address and resolve these persistent challenges within the app environment.

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