iPhone - “these widgets are not optimized for iPhone homescreen”

Recently, iPhone users have been encountering a peculiar message when attempting to add certain widgets to their home screens. In a video transcript shared online, a user narrates the experience of trying to customize their iPhone home screen with widgets.

The process involves tapping and holding on the screen, tapping the plus icon, and then scrolling to the bottom to access an additional menu labeled as "other." Within this menu, a message appears stating, "these widgets are not optimized for the iPhone home screen." The user mentions specific apps like Live status, Pixel Pals, and Themify as examples of affected widgets.

Here are some key points highlighted in the video transcript:

  • Users are still able to add the mentioned widgets, despite the optimization warning.
  • The message seems to be specific to certain apps that may not be fully compatible with the iPhone home screen.
  • Even established apps like Themify are reportedly affected by this issue.

The video transcript raises questions and prompts speculation about the potential reasons behind this anomaly. It remains unclear whether the widgets are consuming excessive energy, are buggy, or if there are other underlying factors causing the compatibility warning.

If you have insights or knowledge about why this message is appearing for certain widgets on the iPhone home screen, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. As more users encounter this message, understanding the rationale behind it becomes increasingly important.

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