hello everyone so here's IRS to go app uh it's an official app from yeah from Internal Revenue Service and it's it's super easy to use it doesn't need that much explanation it's kind of self-explanatory but uh yeah just to show you what you can expect it's kind of like a organization of some text tools just on your fingertips so it makes it easier instead of going to the website and going through the countless complicated forms you can see some uh cool features here so for example you can just check your refund status make a payment find free tax preparation assistance sign up for helpful tax tips then just have some security code generated for your more secure online Communications with them uh so yeah that's basically the idea I think it's just like the first versions of this app and they will be hopefully adding more features here so here for example in the first screen you just see refund status and then you can just check your refund status by entering your information uh so for example you can just enter the years it's only possible to uh check it for latest three years as I understand then you just enter your SSN check out your feeling status uh check out like what's the refund the amount you interested in and then just tab get started so you can easily do it from the app then here you can also do payments uh if you're an individual taxpayer as directs by you offers a free secure payment method so yeah just uh then you you will still be redirected to their website and then you can just see that and then select type text period and then type continue and then uh uh tap continue whatever and then just verify identity have all of that continue can and then just follow the instructions and you can do the payment yes still it's a bit unconvenient that you need to do it on the website but anyhow and then you can also just pay by card IRS offers a choice of three payment processors to make secure credit debit card payments choose an improved payment processor from the list below uh here you can just do that uh so you can always just visit their website and just get more information here you can also chat in the bottom then there is free tax help that's another feature of this app that you can locate uh uh likes either some text help or some yeah some tools which are available from IRS like IRS free file you can also find a volunteer income tax assistance or tax counseling you can yeah which offers free tax help to people who make sixty thousand dollars or less have disabilities or speak limited English you can also find tax8 site locators where you can just search for people near you who can volunteer to help you out with with some Tax Matters then there is connect option where you you can find a yes some online tools like you can find some phone numbers you can find some local offices of IRS for tax assistance for the different hearts of hearing there is a special phone number and then there is like a security tab uh this feature provides an extra layer of security for users of certain IRS online services so yeah you can just generate that here to have additional layer of Securities online Communications with IRS so that's basically that that's the app you you can't kind of log in here and and yeah this is your account or do anything more advanced this is just like a knowledge collection uh like some feature uh organizer app and yeah it's very basic kind of self-explanatory but just wanted to bring your attention here but yeah even if it's this super limited features sometimes it's just more convenient instead of going to RS official website which can be pretty complicated there are so many things there are so many menus and it's just overwhelming here at least it seems a bit more simple and this app sometimes your index period is in the top 100 apps in the US so yeah try it out

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