Is BeReal app down? Can’t post pictures.. What you can do?

uh so seems there are some bugs and glitches with burial app um [Music] and i'm just trying to figure out like if if be real uh is down or how to check it maybe they just have some status page seems there is no status page or okay the network connection was lost so because there are some bugs and glitches people can't post their photos on the app from time to time so what works for me like i also have this bug a while like few minutes ago um and what i did i just tap two times and then just swipe up the app it means this is how you restart the be real so try that and it actually solved the issue for me because maybe this is some server issue and be real where they have traffic spike and their servers are not ready or something like that so just restart the app and instantly try to post again maybe again okay take your be real so now as you can see now i can post it so that's basically yeah that's what you can try to do uh yeah i hope this can help you out

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