Is BIONIC READING available on iPhone KINDLE app? How to enable?

so is bionic reading available on amazon kindle app uh so nope it's not available natively at this moment so you can't find it in your kindle app but you you can actually still use it so you need to go to this is the website and they have this is the original website of the startup which introduced this bionic reading technology and on this website they have a bionic written converter where you can upload epub documents so you can download like get ebooks you bought on amazon kindle and if it's available you can get epub and then just convert it to uh to bionic reading then download it and send it to your email address which is associated with your kindle account and then it will appear on your amazon kindle library on on the app so that's what you can do there is also some cool suggestions from this blog so visit the blog it's has more detailed instruction so basically what they say here is exactly just download it if it's possible uh so independent platforms that offer ebooks without drm protection or free public domain books or something like that other otherwise you won't be able to do that by the way so then you can just download bionic formatted book pick up epub and send the file to kindle using your kindle email address so that's how you can use um like bionic reading setup just like with amazon kindle app on iphone you can read some comments around it on reddit um yeah so people were like discussing all of it issues and a lot of like readers want to try i want to try um this uh feature uh bionic reading on on their on their kindle apps and there is just a small community at this moment does it help you [Music] so there is a discussion this is assam i learned 20 years uh so there are mixed reports um and yes there are like a lot so many like this reading tactics if if you're writing like you know 500 pages book like how to read it in the fastest way so like the bionic reading is is hyping right now about this so definitely give it a try for me i try to if i try to focus about around the text then i'm actually yeah it felt like it you can read a bit faster but i didn't read like books with it so i don't know if you can get exhausted or it's it's just you know it doesn't work at all so you need to definitely give it a try so hope this was helpful

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