Is Bluesky Social available on Android/Google Play Store?

hey there is Blue Sky social app available on Android Google Play Store so if I try to search and then I just try to search for Blue Sky social um on Google Play Android so I can see a lot of apps I can see some other apps but no Blue Sky social app here so this app was just recently released to the IOS app store and then you can just find it here just look by this developer Blue Sky PB LLC um yeah this is the Jack dorsey's app who is a co-founder of Twitter it plans to be a decentralized Twitter alternative to Twitter which is decentralized and buy some protocol as I understand it's pretty exciting but yeah at the moment it's only available on iOS and still it's invite only so I can't create an account I can show you more about it because you require an invite code and it's pretty restricted not many people have in white code at the moment um so that's what it is I don't know if the planning the timeline whether it will be available on Android sooner rather than later or anything about it so at the moment it's just uh yeah uh it's not much information around all these topics um hope it will be more open soon

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