hey everyone so chai app is also available on desktop if you didn't know it yep you can just use it from desktop you need to go to maybe it's like machine learning and then yeah uh that is the app which is popular on iphone on android where you can chat with ai bots and then yeah you can just easily sign up here and then something like that then you can send some messages and that's basically it you can also build a bot uh here also from desktop you can add image url you can add some advanced settings and all of that but as i can see so i also have chai app on on the mobile it's not synced here because i already have like a chat i've built a bot on their mobile app but uh it's it's not reflected here so these two accounts are not synced so that's the idea um yeah so that's how it works um yep uh so that's an overview of it uh yeah i didn't know uh so in case your phone is not supporting or there is some issue you can always just go to your browser chai.mi and just launch an app from there it's free you don't need to pay i don't know if there is a message limit also on desktop because on mobile you have like 70 messages for free per three hours or something like that they're constantly changing that limit so you can't message unlimited um so that's the idea hope this is helpful

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