Is Evidation app available on iOS App Store or Android Google play store?

so this validation app available on Google Play store or iOS yes it's available because both for Android Google Play Store and iOS so this is like the app where it can get rewarded for steps sleep servers and more earn points for the healthy actions you already taken redeem points for Catch of the night for Charities earn 10 for every 10 000 points um yeah so that's the way to my healthy habit stick participate in Cutting Edge research I don't know like if this app is like crypto based or something but yeah super interesting concept and this app is going viral yeah basically the idea if you live more healthy life you can get rewarded and earn some cash for it um so yeah try it out you can get it again on IOS app store or on Google Play Store um yeah it's this app recently starting to hit some charts and some virality so definitely give it a try

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