Is is NOT POSSIBLE to verify Worldcoin account without ORB - 3 different options you have

It has been recently highlighted in a video transcript that verifying a Worldcoin account without an ORB is not possible. The lack of availability of ORBs in various locations around the world presents a challenge for individuals seeking to claim grants associated with their accounts. This limitation has prompted the exploration of alternatives to facilitate the verification process. Here are three different options to consider:

  1. Wait for More ORB Verification Centers:
  • WorldApp previously indicated plans to expand ORB verification centers by the end of 2023. While this expansion did not materialize as initially projected, there is a possibility of increased availability in the future, potentially in 2024 or beyond. Monitoring for updates on new ORB locations may offer a more accessible verification option in the future.
  1. Become an ORB Partner:
  • Individuals can explore the option of becoming an ORB partner by applying through a designated form. This avenue requires submitting a brief application detailing motivations and the ability to host ORBs in suitable facilities such as shopping centers. Becoming an ORB partner presents an opportunity to contribute to the verification process and potentially transform it into a business endeavor.
  1. Evaluate Travel to Nearest ORB Location:
  • For urgent verification needs or strategic reasons, individuals may opt to travel to the closest ORB location. Calculating the associated costs, including travel expenses and the potential benefits of verifying early, is essential in determining the feasibility of this option. Assessing the value of World Grants and considering additional benefits from early verification can guide decision-making regarding travel expenditures.

While challenges exist due to the limited availability of ORBs in certain regions, exploring various approaches, such as anticipating future expansions, becoming an ORB partner, or strategically planning travel to verification centers, can help navigate the verification process effectively. Understanding the implications of grant expiration timelines and the potential for asset appreciation can inform decisions regarding ORB verification. Stay informed of updates and consider these options to address the current verification constraints and ensure a seamless experience with Worldcoin.

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