Is it possible to CHANGE NAME in LOCKET WIDGET app?

here is locate widget app and uh the one of the most common question is like is it possible to change your name if you go in there menu in top right there is no option to change name from here there are no settings now your personal account so you can just tap send feedback you can ask you can ask to change your name here just clarify that uh that would be the first step i would do and also because you just create an account with your uh with your phone number so what i noticed and if you want to add friends you just give access to your contact book this app just basically takes data which is in your standard phone book on iphone so if you go to your phone app like here's the green uh phone book app in the bottom left and then go to your settings and change your name which is attached to your phone number in the phone book that should probably update your name in the locket widget app so that's what i would do uh yep so something around it yep so there you have it hope this is helpful

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