Is it possible to claim world coin without Orb?

Is it Possible to Claim World Coin Without Orb?

In the world of digital currencies, World Coin has gained popularity for offering users the opportunity to claim grants. However, there's a catch - in order to withdraw these grants, users must verify their identity using Orb, a unique device that scans your eyes to confirm your humanness. This requirement has left many wondering if there's any way to bypass Orb and still claim their World Coin grants.

Upon exploring the World Coin app, it quickly becomes apparent that claiming grants is indeed possible. The app provides an option to claim a certain number of World Coins, with each coin holding a value of $2.28. In the video transcript, the author mentions claiming 77 World Coins, which equate to a value of approximately $176. However, there's a caveat - until you verify with Orb, you won't be able to withdraw these funds.

So, what exactly is Orb? Orb is a specialized device that can only be found in specific locations worldwide. It works by scanning your eyes to establish your unique human identity. Initially, one might assume that it's possible to purchase an Orb on platforms like Amazon or eBay, but that's not the case. Orbs are available only in a handful of select places across the globe.

For instance, in Germany, you'll find a mere five Orbs throughout the entire country. Similarly, the United States has only seven Orbs available for use. What adds to the frustration is that securing an appointment to verify with Orb can sometimes be required. Shockingly, there are no Orbs available whatsoever in India, meaning users in that region are left with no option to verify their identity.

The World Coin website previously mentioned plans to expand the availability of Orbs to other countries swiftly. Unfortunately, that promise has not materialized, leaving users in countries without Orbs unable to verify their identity and claim their grants. While the website also allows individuals to apply to become Orb operators in their respective cities, progress in this aspect has been slow, potentially due to additional requirements and other factors.

Desperate users have scoured forums and subreddits in search of alternative methods or workarounds, but as of now, it appears that no such option exists. Verifying with Orb seems to be the only route to claim your World Coin grants. This authentication process is time-sensitive, as grants must be claimed within one year. Failure to verify within the specified timeframe could result in the expiration of your grant.

For those fortunate enough to have an Orb within their proximity, the decision becomes a matter of cost-effectiveness. If the grant you're eligible for amounts to, say, $300 or $400, investing $50 to travel to the nearest Orb location and verify might be a sensible choice. However, if you're facing a situation where you need to travel extensively or spend thousands of dollars to reach a verification point just to claim a $100 grant, it may not be worth the effort and resources.

While no alternatives to Orb verification currently exist, there remains the possibility that World Coin might introduce additional grant options in the future. This would alleviate the frustration felt by those unable to access an Orb and provide them with opportunities to claim grants through alternative means.

In conclusion, at present, claiming your World Coin grants without Orb verification seems impossible. Orb scarcity and the limitations imposed by the verification process have created challenges for users worldwide. As the future unfolds, it's hoped that World Coin will address these hurdles, expand Orb availability, and provide solutions that cater to a broader user base.

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