Is it possible to turn off 0.5 ultra wide zoom in BeReal?

In a recent video transcript, the question arises as to whether it is possible to disable the 0.5 ultra wide zoom feature in the popular app, BeReal. The user demonstrates their attempt to find a way to turn off this zoom on the app's back camera. However, it seems that there is currently no direct option to disable the ultra wide zoom in BeReal.

In the video, the user takes a picture with the back camera, showcasing the ultra wide focus that they wish to avoid. They express their desire for a "normal" photo without the wide zoom effect. The user explores the app's settings for a solution, focusing on the default zoom level. They experiment with zooming in, questioning if this adjustment will be preserved when switching from the back to the selfie camera.

Unfortunately, the video demonstrates that when switching from the selfie camera back to the back camera, the ultra wide zoom setting is restored. This suggests that, at present, BeReal does not offer a dedicated option to change or disable the ultra wide zoom feature. The user does note that one workaround would be to take the back picture first, as this preserves the zoom level. However, this approach comes with the risk of compromising the selfie experience.

It is worth mentioning that this transcript is based on a specific video, and the absence of the desired functionality in BeReal may be subject to change in future updates. Developers often take user feedback into account and strive to improve their apps to meet user expectations. BeReal users who wish to disable the ultra wide zoom feature should keep an eye out for any updates from the app's developers.

In conclusion, as of now, it seems that BeReal does not offer a direct option to turn off the 0.5 ultra wide zoom. Users can utilize certain workarounds, such as taking the back picture first, to preserve their desired zoom level. However, these workarounds may not be ideal for everyone. It remains to be seen whether the developers of BeReal will address this concern in future updates.

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