Is Kick streaming app available on Google Play Store/Android?

so here is um Kick app is there an Android Google Play Store app for this um so let's just find out so this is like a streaming service uh one of the alternatives for um for twitch and if I just go to and try to search for geek app here on the Google Play Store let's see what happens um so it's not here as far as I understand there is some like scooter app there are a lot of games there is messaging that's not that and this app is also not available on on iOS App Store as well so it's not yet here it's only available as a website right now so just go to this website it's kind of getting some hype and some trending as one of twitch Alternatives it's not only gaming you have all of these other categories you can see the wallet here some interesting new features uh but yeah there are no Android apps at this moment foreign

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