Is multi-snap gone forever on Snapchat? This question has been causing a lot of frenzy among users lately. Many have noticed that the multi-snap feature seems to have disappeared from their sidebar. Understandably, this has sparked concerns and complaints on Twitter. However, let's approach this logically and consider the available information.

Firstly, it is worth noting that the section explaining how to use multi-snap still appears on the Snapchat website. This could be seen as a hint that the feature may not be gone forever. Focus News, a website dedicated to tech news, has also mentioned this possibility, adding to the speculation. Furthermore, the support article for multi-snap is still accessible on the Snapchat documentation, and no indications of its removal have been given.

In response to the uproar, many frustrated users have reached out to Snapchat Support on Twitter for assistance. While Snapchat has not made an official statement regarding the disappearance of multi-snap, they have advised users to update to the latest version. However, the latest versions of Snapchat available are from five days ago, predating the issue, which began after the update to version

Snapchat Support has been actively engaging with users and reassured them that they are looking into the matter. They have not confirmed that multi-snap is gone forever either, leaving the situation uncertain. Something strange is indeed happening here.

In the meantime, some users have discovered a temporary resolution to restore multi-snap functionality. By logging out of the Snapchat account without multi-snap and logging back in, the feature reappears. However, this solution is only temporary and will be nullified upon phone shutdown or app restart. It seems to function only within the current session of the app.

Snapchat continues to advise users to update to the latest version, despite there being no newer versions available. This adds to the confusion surrounding the issue. Fortunately, Down Detector, a website that tracks platform outages, does not currently show any significant problems with Snapchat. Although some reports exist, it seems that this is an isolated bug or glitch.

In conclusion, the status of multi-snap on Snapchat remains uncertain. It is important to monitor updates from Snapchat and observe how the situation progresses. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon and multi-snap will return as a permanent feature on the platform.

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