Many Snapchat users have been wondering if the multi-snap feature has been removed from the platform. Snapchat has a history of suddenly removing features, leading to rumors and speculations. However, as of February 8, multi-snap has not been removed from Snapchat.

Some users have reported outages and glitches in certain regions, suggesting that the feature might be temporarily unavailable in those areas. It's important to note that Snapchat frequently rolls out updates that can affect the availability of features. This could explain why some users are experiencing difficulties with multi-snap.

For some users, accessing multi-snap is still possible. By opening Snapchat, tapping the plus button, and selecting multi-snap at the bottom of the screen, users can continue to utilize this feature seamlessly. It seems that the availability of multi-snap is not universally affected and may depend on individual regions or specific reasons.

If you encounter any issues with Snapchat or its features, it is always helpful to check websites like Down Detector. These platforms provide real-time information about service disruptions and glitches. In the case of Snapchat, there were reports of glitches in certain regions, which may have contributed to the temporary unavailability of multi-snap.

It is worth mentioning that in the author's personal experience, multi-snap continues to work perfectly. By selecting the plus button and adding multiple snaps, they were able to send the content without any issues. This suggests that the feature is still operational, at least in the author's region in Europe.

In conclusion, while there may be temporary outages or glitches affecting the availability of multi-snap in some regions, it appears that Snapchat has not permanently removed this feature. Users are encouraged to check for updates from Snapchat and utilize platforms like Down Detector to stay informed about any issues.

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