so here is this new trending app which out of nowhere just came as number one in the top charts as you can see it's about instagram and snapchat and youtube which is kind of crazy and this app new profile picture editor app helps you to create your selfie as a cartoon character but a lot of people are just asking is this app completely legit is it safe to use uh maybe it's a bit scammy or uh so i'm just trying to figure it out and a lot of people actually the reviews are pretty good great fun app super cool app the one negative reviews are just that sometimes it can just load and load and load but doesn't do anything um but other than that there are no specific mentions of some like specific uh you know user scams or technical issues or privacy issues and all of that so let's just open that up i will show you like why people are a bit concerned because first of all yeah this is this app is like very easy to use so you just have like your access to your camera also you need to give access to your camera and then you can create a selfie and that that is a bit of a concern because you open your app you don't need to create your account nothing and you just need to give access to all your photos like and not a lot of people know is this app legit or is it scammy but like imagine if it's not a proper app and then this app has access to all your camera roll on iphone and then basically in theory it can use all your photos somewhere and that's like a big question for a lot of people what happens if this app is hacked or something and then what you have access this app has access to all your private photos which can appear everywhere on internet so that's kind of a legit concern from a lot of people uh but so far um yeah um i haven't seen any like you know any big red flags but it's not a guarantee uh because yeah like this app just randomly appeared as number one app in top charts maybe it can be that some of these apps can use some like app store search optimization or maybe my business app just went viral on tick tock and out of nowhere it's really organically a number one app but still it's a bit questionable you can always leave some feedback and reach out for additional clarification from their support [Music] but other than that if you're really concerned what i can suggest is that you can create a few selfies you can play with it um like you can and then you can just go to settings app and that just make sure that in these settings you don't give access to all your photos so you can do that and then you can disable access to your camera and just yeah disable all of that if you're concerned of course you can just simply delete this app so that's what i would do if you have some concerns about it just you know try to create selfie share it and have fun but then just disable access to all your photos but maybe even then it can be too late like you know so just do it at all your own risk um because also yeah this app is free to use it doesn't have any upgrade option it doesn't have any ad so like what's how this app is being monetized then like what's what's the next strategy like how is uh yeah so that's so these are just some questions i found on reddit like people are asking like how uh so which seems seems a bit gray area but yeah so far this is what you can do with the app they also have their website so you can go to new profile website seems a legit website there is app store and google play app you can also read their privacy policy what information do we collect we collect your name email address username social network and other information when you register set up an account but you actually like you actually don't need to create an account so they don't collect that i don't need my email you don't need to create your account then with your permission on download or in there you might access and store the content your username and photos you provided while using our mobile applications you may also added stored photos apply effects it will show your photos or your edited photos solid to you so login data technical information cookie date device the technologies that we use in the policy that we have implemented are intended to safeguard your privacy so how we use your personal information to communicate with your third parties to improve the services marketing activities advertising you might share a personal information for third parties to start your relevant advertising uh personal information collected through the service may be shared with companies and organizations that performs services on on our behalf so to remove your personal information that's also you can email them here and then all the questions you can write here so um yup i think this app this firm already built a bunch of apps and this is a general privacy policy because in this specific app there are no ads and there is no login option so like they don't know kind of my email at this moment i think i'm not sure um [Music] but still yeah like so if you have any concerns or some other insights just leave the comments below this video so just interesting to hear your opinion what do you think so something like that hope at least this uh helped a bit just to broaden your overview of the app and thank you for watching

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