Is NGL fake?

Is NGL fake?

So, the question of whether or not NGL (Next Gen Love) is fake has been a topic of discussion lately. In order to shed some light on this issue, let's examine what NGL is all about and the nature of its messages.

Firstly, NGL is an app that allows users to receive messages, both audio and text, from different people. These messages can come from both real individuals and automated bots. If you open your inbox and click on any message, you will notice a black button at the bottom with the text "reply". If you see this, it means that the message is a fake one, sent by a bot. The message will also include a tagline saying "send with love from team NGL".

On the other hand, if you don't see the black reply button and instead, there is a red button or any other color, it indicates that the message is from a real person. Upgrading to a premium version of the app may provide you with additional hints to identify fake messages.

Based on user experiences, it seems that only around 20% of the messages received on NGL are from real individuals. This means that the majority of messages are indeed fake.

However, if you wish to avoid receiving these fake messages, there is a simple solution. Just go to the app's settings and disable the option to receive messages from NGL. Additionally, you can choose to turn off the feature that periodically sends question messages to brighten your day.

In conclusion, while NGL is not completely fake, it is clear that a significant number of messages sent through the app are automated and not from real people. If you are looking for genuine interactions, it might be wise to disable NGL messages or seek other platforms that prioritize authentic communication.

Is NGL fake? The answer is nuanced, but it is essential for users to understand the nature of the app before expecting genuine interactions.

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