Is SnapChat getting rid of SnapScore?

Hey, is Snapchat getting rid of Snapscore? So there was this video on TikTok which went viral. It collected over 2 million views and this was like a rumor that basically Snapchat is getting rid of Snapscore. But then Snapchat actually replied to this rumor on Twitter, it just says, hi, no need to worry, this is just a rumor, happy snapping. So that's just what happened, that yep, seems Snapchat is not getting rid of it, it still will be there as of now.

However, this rumor seems to be, you know, circulating in social media and the last time it was in December 23 and now seems in February it's again shared on social media.

I don't know, I just went to my Snapchat, it's kind of updated to the latest version, seems like that. And then it's like, I still see my Snapscore, so everything is working fine. So I don't know, maybe they really will be removing because Snapchat is actually known for that, that they just can randomly block some feature or remove some feature and you don't even know what's happening. Snapchat is known for that and that there is a bit of lack of communication, but I hope for this like very popular feature they would just notify users at least somehow, but so far it's not the case.

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