Is Sora ai publicly available?

The Sora ai technology has been a topic of interest for many tech enthusiasts. However, as per recent information provided in a video transcript, it seems that Sora ai is not yet publicly available for use. Here are some key points highlighted in the video regarding the availability of Sora ai:

  • Sora is not currently a released product and is not publicly available.
  • There is no waiting list available for individuals interested in accessing Sora ai.
  • An expected release date for Sora ai has not been provided at this moment.
  • Speculation exists about the potential release timeline, with estimates ranging from under a year to possibly within a few months.

The absence of formal release information and a waiting list indicates that individuals eager to explore Sora ai will need to await further updates on its availability. As the tech community continues to anticipate the launch of Sora ai, the exact timeline remains uncertain, and stakeholders may need to remain patient until further announcements are made.

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