Is Spill App available on Android/Google Play store?

Many social media enthusiasts have been wondering if the popular app Spill is available on the Android/Google Play store. According to a video transcript, it seems that Spill is not yet available for Android users.

The transcript begins with an individual searching for the Peel app on the Google Play Store. However, their search proves unsuccessful, as they state, "If it's available on Google Play Store from iOS device, so seems it's not." It appears that at the time of the video, Peel was only accessible to iOS users.

The video continues by mentioning that Spill is currently climbing the top charts on the app store for social media. With its unique design and visual appeal, Spill has gained significant popularity in the social media sphere, particularly within the black community. The app offers a similar experience to Twitter, but with its own distinct features.

Despite its growing traction, the video concludes with the disappointment that Spill is not yet available on Android devices. However, the individual expresses hope that the app will be made accessible to Android users in the near future.

Overall, it seems that Spill has made a mark in the social media landscape but is still lacking availability for Android users. While this may be disheartening to Android enthusiasts, it is hopeful news to hear that the developers are working towards making the app accessible to a wider audience. Android users can remain optimistic that they will soon be able to join in on the Spill community.

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