Is SWEATCOIN listed on crypto exchange?

ours with coins listed on some cryptocurrency exchange so not yet i was just exploring this question and i was just reading here and it says that the long-term vision is to max bitcoin fully flashed currency cryptocurrency that will be listed on exchanges but nobody knows when it will happen so they were promising that cryptocurrency will be available during summer then it goes delayed to september now probably maybe it can be delayed even more and then just nobody knows like when it will happen especially during this crypto winter so the idea of the app why it's going viral is just the more you walk the more you earn this sweat coins so right you just need to walk take your phone with you or take your apple watch your steps are registered in apple health kit app it got synced with this fat coin as i understand and then for each step basically you earn a bit of a sweat coin uh it's not cryptocurrency yet again nobody knows when it will be or will it be but the idea of course is that in the long term future you can just work earn this cryptocurrency maybe not that much and exchanges to bitcoin on ethereum somewhere on some finance for example or something like that so that's like a long-term vision uh nobody knows if it's if it will work out uh maybe during this crypto winter it's not the right time to launch it maybe during the next crypto boom over whenever it will happen it will be a good idea but maybe not now so yeah just keep working download this app install it for free keep working running boost your fitness activities and then yeah i hope that can be helpful if you have any other insights just leave them in the comments below

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