Is there a BeReal widget on iPhone?

hello everyone um so here is uh let's explore if there is a burial widget the real app is going viral uh a lot of people are thinking about it as more authentic version of instagram so here as you can see you can see all these photos which people are posting without you know like some additional fancy filters it's just they're sharing the real moments without much more like you know this on authenticity which you can see on instagram is that all this like um paradise uh filters and all that this app is getting a lot of traction but a lot of people asking like is there is a widget so can you see these photos in the in the widget on your home screen similar as you have like you know locket widget app so there is a widget but it's not what you think so this is just a widget emoji widget so this widget as i understand it won't display uh like your photos it will just show your friends reacting visual emojis on your home screen so you can uh you can you can set it here but you won't receive photos as you would have in locket widget or noted widget you just will receive real modus reactions so if someone reacts to your burial photo you will receive reaction in this widget that's a bit unfortunate i would also like to you know to add a widget where i can see some recent photos from my friends so i would like something like that but yeah i don't know if that is uh possible at the moment it's not that's only what's available a real modis widget ideally i would like a widget where you can select uh create separate widgets for each of your friends and add like multiple widgets and get these burials from each of your friends that would be a cool feature for sure so yeah something around that hope this is helpful

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