Is there a bot in NGL?

Is there a bot in NGL? Let's take a closer look at the NGL app and how it operates. Many users of this app log in and share their link on Instagram stories, only to be bombarded with messages from seemingly random individuals. Are these messages coming from their friends? Not quite. The truth is, NGL has bot-generated questions.

In fact, it's estimated that only 20% to 30% of the questions on NGL are generated by actual humans. How do we know this? NGL itself discloses it within the app. If you tap on any message, you might notice the phrase "sent with love from team NGL" just above the reply button. This indicates that the question is a bot-generated one, and NGL kindly lets you know that it's sending a bot message.

To distinguish between human and bot messages, keep an eye out for a jiggling red button with the text "upgrade" instead of the aforementioned message. This signifies a human message. Fortunately, you can also disable bot messages altogether. Within the settings, locate NGL all messages and toggle it off. Once disabled, you won't receive any more bot-generated messages.

In the early days of NGL's release, they didn't include any marking to differentiate bot messages. Consequently, many users ended up paying to upgrade their accounts, unaware that they were messaging with a bot. It's an ingenious money-making tactic, considering the vast number of bot messages that can be generated using AI technology. However, in some court filings related to another app, NGL eventually disclosed their use of bot messages. This information quickly spread across the internet, prompting the need for NGL to add the functionality to distinguish between bot and human messages.

Overall, it's essential to be aware of the presence of bot messages on the NGL app. By understanding the markings and options available, users can make informed decisions about their interactions within the platform.

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