Is there a free version in Dawn AI app?

so let's just explore if there is a free version of dawn AI a avatar generator so this app is changing a lot recently like first few days when I just downloaded it it was possible to actually generate uh some AI avatars for free and then to generate additional 50 avatars we needed to upgrade but now you instantly need to upgrade so even if you tap to create and upload your photo so let's just try it out I tried to upload some of the photos uh just to see how it works and then yeah I just see again this pop-up and then I want to generate avatars and unfortunately then it is blocked so yes there is no free version anymore but it was here like I think a week ago it was possible to actually generate these avatars and that's why this app skyrocketed to the top charts of the US App Store I think that was kind of like a marketing trick from this team because Aaron was just rushing to generate these three avatars but of course like computational power is super expensive for all these AI avatars so it's it's not cheap for them to do this experiment so I think they just tried it out for like a week the app skyrocketed the app was free everyone was sure to try not and then they just locked access after the recent update and now it's not possible anymore to get this avatars but hey that's how it works like developers also need to make some money but unfortunately in this app it's it's not possible anymore to generate uh that it's pretty still pretty okay price so you need to pay like 9.99 um dollars per uh per week and then you have basically unlimited AI avatars um so that's pretty okay you can still try Lanza AI um where you can get a pack of 100 avatarsis and understand for like six dollars but then if you want more avatars you need to upgrade or pay more um so yeah there you have it

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