Is there a Netflix app for Apple Vision Pro?

And there is there a Netflix app for Apple Vision Pro. So as I'm reading the reports, nope from the major social media and Content sites there is only tik-tok. So tik-tok just recently made official Vision Pro app with vision OS app So you can try tik-tok in this augmented reality is quite cool. But neither Netflix nor YouTube just don't have original Vision OS apps at the moment, so it's all in the process.

So, yep. That's just what it is. Then tik-tok, for example, just says that Apple Vision Pro app is not available. So you can just experience that but Netflix, unfortunately, nope. It's a bit of a pity because one of the best experiences with Apple Vision Pro is watching videos, movies, and cartoons. That's what people say is one of the best features right now, which is basically why they buy and keep it. But for some reason, Netflix is not there yet. So it's a bit, you know, kind of like a first version.

If you're thinking about getting Apple Vision Pro, just yes, that's just one of the considerations for you. Maybe this is like the first beta version, I would say, and of course, there will be a lot of improvements later and more apps. But major brands are not yet running to create apps there because who knows what will happen to this device. That's just what it is.

In summary, as of now, the Netflix app is not available for Apple Vision Pro, whereas tik-tok has made strides in introducing an official Vision Pro app. While the absence of key apps like Netflix may be seen as a limitation, it's important to consider this aspect as part of the overall user experience when contemplating a purchase. As the technology evolves, it is expected that more apps and improvements will follow suit.

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