Is there a Tidal Lockscreen widget?

Have you been wondering if Tidal offers a lock screen widget? Spotify recently released their lock screen widget, prompting the question of whether or not other music apps have a similar feature. In this post, we'll explore if Tidal has a lock screen widget and what options are available for Android users.

To start, let's briefly explain what a lock screen widget is. It's a tool that allows you to access certain app features directly from your phone's lock screen, without needing to unlock your phone entirely. It's a convenient way to access your apps while ensuring your phone remains secure.

So, back to the question at hand: does Tidal offer a lock screen widget? Unfortunately, the answer is currently no. Tidal doesn't have a lock screen widget available, as the feature is only available on certain apps. Specifically, it was introduced to Android users in 2020 with Android 11.

But, don't fret just yet. There are other options available for Android users who want to have a lock screen widget for their music app. One option is to use a third-party app. Some third-party apps can offer lock screen widgets for Tidal, such as the free and popular app called "Floating Widget." This app provides a quick and accessible way to control play/pause and next/previous track options without having to unlock your phone.

Another option is to use Android's built-in "Now Playing" feature. This feature is available on Android devices with Android 11 and newer. It displays music information and player controls on the lock screen whenever audio is playing. It's not a traditional widget, but it offers a way to control music without unlocking your device.

In conclusion, while Tidal itself doesn't offer a lock screen widget, there are alternative methods available for Android users who want to have this feature. You can explore third-party apps or use Android's built-in "Now Playing" feature to achieve similar functionality.

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