so here's twinspire's website so is there a twinspires app so here you can do all of the racing following on the on the website but the question is is there is there an app um so i think there is for sure um there is for sure android app but uh i don't know about if there is ios app because for a lot of people like you know using browser it's it's not really that handy and especially if you need like to do some a lot of tabs and actions it's just easier and softer to do it in the app so let's just search okay for some reason is so here it is so yep it is here it's uh it's available so iphone and android also ipad so there you have it twin spires horse racing bats don't miss out on any live horse rides in the wistfield inspires horse racing batting up the premier destination for legal u.s horse racing wager and the official horse racing patent partner of the kentucky derby checkout exclusive hundred thousand road to ky derby price competition so that's that so give it a try

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