Is there a YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro?

In a recent video transcript, it was questioned whether there is a YouTube app available for the Apple Vision Pro. The response provided clarity on the current app availability for this particular platform.

As of now, the following information was shared:

  • YouTube app: Not available
  • Netflix app: Not available
  • TikTok app: Recently released on February 15th

With no official announcement from YouTube regarding the availability of their app on the Vision OS, which is the operating system for the Apple Vision Pro, users will have to wait for any potential updates in the future. As of the moment, the TikTok app seems to be the only major platform that has made its way onto the Apple Vision Pro.

For users eagerly anticipating the arrival of the YouTube app on the Apple Vision Pro, unfortunately, it seems that they will have to wait for further updates from YouTube or Apple.

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