Is there an Autopilot widget on iPhone?

Is there an Autopilot widget on iPhone?

A lot of us are constantly on the lookout for newer, better apps to make our lives easier. Autopilot, an investment app that provides a unique way to follow copy trade portfolios of some influencers, politicians, and hedge fund managers to increase income opportunities, has created a buzz among the investors. However, users have been wondering if there is an Autopilot widget available on their iPhone.

So, is there an Autopilot widget on the iPhone? Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no home screen or lock screen widget available for the Autopilot app. But the app still offers a lot of unique features to its users.

What is the Autopilot app?

Autopilot is an investment app based on copy trading, which works by finding a pilot, renowned for their successful portfolio. The app then allows you to easily follow and copy trade their portfolio. The idea behind the app is that in doing so, you can follow the strategies of successful investors with ease, even as a novice investor. This innovative app is not only useful to create income opportunities but can also help you gain knowledge on investment strategies.

The App's Features

Although the Autopilot app doesn't offer a widget at the moment, it does have a lot of impressive features. It is a fun way to track your portfolio and see your gains. You can quickly make transactions and keep track of your account's performance from the app. It is an excellent choice for a beginner or someone with some experience in investments. Not to mention, the app is user-friendly and simple to navigate, which can save you time and confusion.


To sum it up, Autopilot is a fascinating investment app that offers unique features to investors. Even though the app doesn't have a widget yet, it is still highly recommended for all investors out there. By following the successful portfolios and strategies of renowned investors, Autopilot can introduce users to profitable investments and an intuitive approach to investing in stocks and other financial products.

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