Is there an AVERAGE SCORE in UMAX app?

These days, many people are relying on ratings to gauge their performance in the UMax app. Users can find their overall score and assess their potential. However, there is one question on the minds of many: Is there an average score available?

People want to know if they can compare their score to others of the same age or gender. For example, if a user is a certain age and attained a specific score, they may wonder what the average score is for individuals in their demographic. This is a common query from many of my viewers, and unfortunately, I don't have an answer.

It seems like having an average score feature would be a valuable addition to the UMax app. I encourage users to provide feedback to the developers by tapping on the "Give Us Feedback" option. Share your thoughts and suggest that an average score feature would be a nice addition. It's worth noting that the app is still being actively developed, and some features are yet to be implemented. While the timing of these additions is uncertain, it's helpful for users to voice their opinions and ideas.

In conclusion, the UMax app provides users with an overall score and insights into their potential. However, for those seeking to compare their performance to an average score based on age or gender, this feature is currently unavailable. Users are encouraged to submit feedback to the developers, suggesting the inclusion of such a feature. The UMax app is continuously evolving, and with user input, it may introduce this functionality in the future.

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