Is there an iOS app for gently?

If you're an avid shopper of secondhand items, you may have come across, a website that serves as a secondhand aggregator where you can compare all the best secondhand deals from various websites. But here's the question: Is there an iOS app for

Based on a video transcript, it appears that there is no iOS app available for Gently at the moment. The speaker mentioned that upon searching the app store, a Gently app for iOS was not found. However, there may be an Android app, although this is not confirmed.

But don't be too quick to dismiss Gently just yet. Even without a dedicated app, Gently still offers a handy feature that can help you shop secondhand items more efficiently. The website offers a newsletter service where you can sign up and create alerts for your preferred searches. With this, you can shop across multiple secondhand websites and get alerts for the best new listings that match your search criteria.

Although it may require you to stay on top of your emails, Gently's newsletter service can definitely save you time and effort in shopping for secondhand items. Plus, let's not forget the environmental benefits of choosing pre-loved items.

In summary, there is no iOS app for as of writing, but the website offers a newsletter feature that can help you shop secondhand items across multiple websites. Whether you prefer to shop through an app or a website, remains a useful tool for finding the best secondhand deals.

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