Is there NGL id search in NGL app? Can you search by username in NGL app?

In the NGL app, users may be wondering if there is an NGL ID search feature available. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The app does not provide a search button to specifically search for NGL IDs in France or any other location. This could be a disappointment for users who wish to easily search for others by their NGL ID.

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If you are looking for your own NGL ID, there is a way to find it within the app. Simply tap on "I need help" and you will be directed to create a message. From here, you will be able to view your own NGL ID. However, it's important to note that this only displays your personal NGL ID and not those of other users.

In the scenario where you have received a message from someone and you have purchased a subscription, you may want to see the sender's information, including their NGL ID. In this case, you can access the sender info, where you will find their NGL ID. This feature may be particularly appealing to NGL Pro users who have upgraded and have access to NGL hints. It may seem enticing to have the NGL ID revealed, but unfortunately, it does not allow you to completely unveil the identity of the person.

To clarify, even if you upgrade to NGL Pro, the app does not provide a direct search function where you can easily search for someone's NGL ID and obtain their complete information. This limitation is the reason why it is just a hint and not a full-fledged feature. The app ensures privacy and does not allow users to completely reveal the identity of others through their NGL IDs, even with a Pro subscription.

In conclusion, while the NGL app offers certain features to view your own NGL ID and access limited information about senders, it does not have a search function to directly search for and reveal the identity of other users through their NGL IDs.

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