Is there Sora ai WAITLIST?

Is the SORA app waitlist at the moment? So, nope, OpenAI states here in their forums that officially it's not publicly available and there is no waitlist and there is no expected release date and SORA app is not a released product yet. So that's just what's happening at the moment.

So you just have it here. So yep, that's just what it is. All people are like, you know, posting, spamming here in their support forum that when is it out, how to join the waitlist, but they just officially reply here that there is no currently no waiting list or any other means to gain access to the SORA model. We'll make sure to update you when the waiting list becomes available.

So waiting list will become available at some point, but not now, maybe in the coming weeks or days even, but nobody gives even the date when it will be available. So yes, it's just update at the moment and also this was just like a beta preview on social media, but this app is not even in beta, like it's not even released.

  • So officially, the SORA app does not have a waitlist.
  • OpenAI confirms that there is no waiting list or expected release date for the SORA model.
  • Users cannot join a waitlist or access the app currently.

Stay tuned for updates on when the waitlist will become available.

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