Is there Worldcoin ORB in DELHI?

Recently, a video transcript has surfaced raising a question about the presence of a WorldCoin orb in Delhi. The speaker raises concerns about the lack of orbs in this location and discusses the process of verifying the orb's existence. Here is a breakdown of the key points highlighted in the video:

  • The speaker suggests searching for WorldApp to find the orb.
  • Verification of the orb's presence is recommended.
  • Upon searching for orbs in India, it is revealed that there are currently no orbs in the entire country, including Delhi.
  • The speaker expresses confusion and frustration over this absence.
  • There is a mention of the possibility to apply to become an orb partner, particularly for individuals in India.
  • Despite the opportunity to become an orb partner, no one in India has taken this step, causing disappointment.
  • WorldApp has hinted at expanding the number of orbs worldwide, with a pledge made in late 2023.
  • As of now, there are no orbs in India, leaving the situation as it stands with no orbs in Delhi.

This video transcript sheds light on the WorldCoin orb situation in Delhi, prompting discussions on the lack of orbs in the region and the potential for future expansion by WorldApp. As the tech community awaits further developments, it remains to be seen whether orbs will be introduced in Delhi and other parts of India in the near future.

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