Is Truth Social app on Google Play Store?

so it through social app on google play store so if you go to their website official you just see these two buttons here uh and then um yeah one button is app store and another button is coming soon google play store so it still says coming soon so it's still not released but if you just search on like true social google play store you can see the truth app but that's not the one it's not your social so it's different logo different developer different everything so as far as i understand it's not it's not there yet so you can uh you can certify site play so something like that this will help you out to only filter out the results from from google play store and then you will see that it's not there um there is some like true social chat through social but these are all apps which are not actually related there are a few apps which have like similar names like truth app some of these other apps but they're not uh yeah they're not on google play store so that's the idea um yeah um so that's that at this moment uh i don't know when is the release date and when it should be there but at this moment it's just not the wild bowl

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