Is your Lapse account private?

So is your LAPS account private? In this video transcript, we explore the privacy settings of LAPS to answer that question.

According to LAPS, all accounts are set to private by default. This means that the snaps you share on the app are only viewable by your friends. However, there are a few elements of your profile that can be seen by non-friends.

Your profile photo and the photo selects above your profile photo are visible to everyone, even those who are not your friends on the app. This means that anyone who logs into the app or searches for you can see these pictures.

But when it comes to your LAPS photos, they are strictly viewable by your friends only. This ensures that your shared moments remain within your circle.

If you want to further enhance your privacy, LAPS offers an option to make your LAPS albums and photos private as well. By tapping on the three dots and selecting the "make private" option, you can hide your LAPS content from both friends and non-friends.

By utilizing this feature, you can ensure that your LAPS account remains private and that your shared memories are only accessible to those you trust. It's a helpful tool for maintaining control over your personal content and keeping it within your desired boundaries.

In conclusion, while some aspects of your LAPS account, such as your profile photo, may be visible to non-friends, the snaps you share are only viewable by your friends. If you wish to make your account more private, LAPS provides an option to hide your albums and LAPS content from both friends and non-friends.

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