Issue with Verification SMS in Locket Widget app

hello so there's still an issue that you can't receive sometimes verification tags or verification sms in lock-it widget app some people write i deleted the app device and downloaded again nothing changes i also tried a different number it didn't work either so that's the idea so for some people it is still an issue if you just go here through their comments uh some people still can't even add the phone number because there these are some countries or there are some fun formats which uh yeah and then again you can see i did hard to get the otp code i didn't receive it i also tried written a lot and use different wi-fi but still not working please solve this problem don't receive a code please fix the issue it doesn't send the code so that's the issue is the apps which only have one sign up options with the phone number however like signing off his phone number considered is the most universal option of signing up but you know a lot of people would prefer that there would be an option to sign up this email for the locket widget app but as i see it's not coming yet so what i can suggest at least if you really want to try out this app you can always try to use some additional apps like text now text plus or do all tags or any of these apps which can provide you um like additional like a second phone number or something and then if you really want to try it out you can test it out and the locket widget um so basically you can create that second phone number and enter it in lock it widget from there otherwise ask you can always reach out to lock it widget support not sure if you will get a reply soon because there are so many support requests but uh that's that

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