Itsme app overview - is it safe?

Itsme App Overview

Itsme is a socializing app to make friends through text chats, voice chats, video chats and snapchat. So if you are fond of hanging around and looking for new friends, just go for installing Itsme and make new friends.

The app is free to download and use right away. It is created by Natural Synthetics and allows you to make a digital avatar that may look like you and have good time by making new friends.

The app is amazing at creating social associations with new people through chat and video chats. With such an attractive socializing experience offer, the application is ascending to the top in social app list.

Your 3D avatar is a way to mingle with other avatars and hang around and have fun. The app includes features like doing text chat with friends, draw what you want and voice chats even. If you want to meet someone with same interests as your own, you can take a quiz and get your best friend picked for you.

This app is a fun way to get cheerful meeting with the likeminded people. You get a chance to portray yourself based on your interests and do not need to show your actual face!

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Itsme on IOS

Itsme 0.9.916 version is available for download on iOS.  So if you have any iOS device, just open the App Store and hit the Get button to download free. It’s compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The compatibility requirement is iOS 12.1 or later. The App is such an amazing experience that it allows you make enough socializing online. Many users end up saying that this application is a decent spot to discover companion. The App has several stars you could acknowledge. The overall rating on App Store for Itsme users is 4.5.

Itsme on Android

It’s me 1.1 is available for free to download on Android. Itsme is the fastest way to make new friends! As you go through the installation process done, and sign up, the App will auto generate a 3D Avatar of you. With that done, you are ready to meet new people and start hanging out. You can change your look any time you want to make a new self of you. So the flexibility in usage may be the source of high ranks. No need to tell, the app features the best socializing options.

Is Itsme safe?

Itsme app is absolutely safe. The application is acceptable, truly, yet they ought to have an alternative where you don’t have to have your camera on all together for your character to be alert. Some users are annoyed by the camera being constantly on which is the feature of your Avatar. Sometimes it feels awkward when you know you are on camera. But no serious security alerts are being reported related to this issue.

Overall the App passes an arbitrary that users sprung up. The pros of the App are socializing with fun. You can accept or reject the certain friend requests. So you can avoid people you want.


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