Jagat app - How to use? Full Overview

Are you a fan of social mapping apps? If you were a user of Zenly, you might have heard that it was discontinued and its features were integrated into Snapchat. However, not everyone is satisfied with that solution. This is where Jagat app comes into play. In this article, we'll provide you with a full overview of how to use Jagat app.

First off, Jagat is one of the alternatives to Zenly. It's a social mapping app that allows you to see and share your location with your friends. One of the great things about Jagat is that you can import your Zenly data with just one tap.

To start using the app, you need to create an account. You will need to give permission to your location to be always on if you plan to use the app a lot. Once you sign in, you'll be able to see your current location and browse around the map. There is also a discovery mode that lets you see other people's posts, which is called the rider.

Jagat's main feature is its social mapping function. You can add your friends, but there is also a ghost mode for privacy. You can choose to share your real-time and accurate location with your precise friends or your frozen location with frozen friends.

Adding friends on Jagat is easy. You can search them by ID or scan QR codes. You can even add your friends from your contacts.

Apart from social mapping, Jagat also has a feature called 'now' which is similar to TikTok. You can take a picture of whatever you're doing and share it only with your friends or with everyone. You can also add a caption to your post.

Jagat's creators have also implemented a referral system to encourage users to invite their friends. You can use your own share code or link to invite your friends to join Jagat. The more friends you invite, the more 'pops' you'll get. Every person who joins using your link counts towards your pops. You can participate in a pop ranking and climb the leaderboard to reach the top.

To personalize your experience, you can change your profile picture, link your Google or Apple account, and choose from a wide selection of languages. You can also set your privacy preferences to hide from others, choose who can see your world and limit access to your contacts.

If you're a former Zenly user, you can import your data into Jagat app by following these steps:

  1. Receive the link from a family app that decompresses a zip archive
  2. Open the decompressed folder and upload the location file to Jagat
  3. Wait for the upload to finish and your data will be available on Jagat

Overall, Jagat is a promising social mapping app that has the potential to replace Zenly. With its referral system, users can earn pops and climb the leaderboard. If you're a Zenly fan, or just a fan of social mapping apps, Jagat is definitely worth a try. However, we cannot confirm if it's available on the App Store or on Android.

Now that you have a full overview of how to use Jagat app, it's time to download and test it for yourself.

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